Yes! We cannot substitute products in a local AVL Box, but you are free to add any additional items to your cart for inclusion in your local AVL Box. 

Shipped AVL Boxes are entirely curated by you from our selection of non-perishable items!

No! You can purchase an individual box.
Occasionally! Keep an eye out on Instagram and in our newsletters for recipes, inspiration and pairing suggestions.



All our produce is grown and harvested fresh from our farm partners in Western North Carolina.

Nearly all of our partner farms employ organic practices even if they do not have the certification. 

A local AVL Box can serve 1 veggie lover for the week (and occasionally beyond). For a veggie-loving family of 2-4, you should be able to compliment your daily meals for most of the week.   

We cannot make alterations to our weekly local AVL Box, however you have full control over products that you add on or curate in your own box outside the weekly AVL Box.

It will arrive cold. From the freezer, it will be transported to you or your pickup location wrapped with a cold pack. 

As a rule of thumb, always wash your produce. Even if there shouldn’t be any chemicals on the surface of your produce, there could be dirt and critters that may have hitched a ride from the farm. 

It will be placed in a box, occasionally wrapped with an ice pack depending on the contents of the box.



If you live in the Asheville area, most likely! We also have Pickup Locations popping up throughout Western NC, which you can find on the sign-up page. If you would like to suggest a Pickup Location in your area, please email hello@theavlbox.com. 

We can ship our non-perishable products most anywhere in the country, however if your box contains alcohol, we can only ship to home addresses in Delaware, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont and Virginia. Please contact us if you are interested in shipping elsewhere.

We deliver local AVL Boxes to homes and Pickup Locations on Wednesdays. 

Shipped boxes will go out the Fridays and Tuesdays following when the order was made. Sometimes this ships faster, depending on the order and our production schedule.

By selecting your pickup location, you agree to pick up within the window they provide us. If you fail to do so, we cannot guarantee that your produce will still be fresh or that that box will still be available for you to pick up at another time.

We cannot offer refunds for missed box pickups, and we cannot burden our pickup partners, so we kindly ask that you fulfill their timing requests.  

You may have a friend or family pick up your box. 

There is no fee if you choose to pick your box up at a Pickup Location. There is a $5 home delivery fee if your box is under $100. Home delivery fees are waived for orders over $100. 

In the summer months, we try to make deliveries later in the day.
We will send you a photo of where we leave the box. You can also leave us delivery instructions on your account. 
Yes, you can leave them out for your delivery driver or bring it back to your Pickup Location.

You can leave them out for your delivery driver or bring them back to your Pickup Location. If you do not plan to order again from The AVL Box and you would like to return the ice pack for deposit, please contact us at hello@theavlbox.com to arrange a solution.



This delivery truck is empty!